Great aerial photography is within your reach
Reveal the unseen in hi-resolution
Reveal the grandeur of the landscape with low-altitude photography

Aerial photography services

Aerial imagery opens up new horizons for your business.

It lets us see the unseen, and enhances marketing campaigns, product information and educational publications. The Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), multicopter, or drone that we use, is a new technology that opens up the possibility to take really clear, high definition images as stills or video, with better quality and lower cost than ever was possible with a full-size plane or helicopter.

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The technology can be used to create composite mosaics of photos that reveal landscapes in engaging new ways.

Othomosaics - digital three-dimensional virtual landscapes - can be constructed from these low-altitude aerial images. Photomosaics covering up to about 2ha give a vetical view, with low distortion, and a pixel size of 3-5cm. These images, as well as new walk-through landscapes created in Microsoft Photosynth, have great value for enhancing architecture, real estate, sprts photography, and environmental education.

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Multicopters open up a new dimension for your video - verticality.

Low altitude filming is ideal for adventure sports - ski, climbing, rafting, kayak, hiking... The possibilities are limited only by the imagination. Your camera or ours (up to 1kg), we film up to 4k to bring your project alive.

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What is a hexacopter?

The hexacopter is a device to lift a camera (up to (1kg) to altitudes of up to about 300m during a flight which lasts about 10 minutes. From this vantage point it is possible to take still and video images that would be very difficult any other way.

The remote control of the UAV uses GPS and other sensors to provide a level of autonomy to the flight. The machine flies itself, and can be programmed to follow predetermined routes using waypoint markers, for example to take a set of vertical photos for precision cartography.

During the flight, the pilot can see from the point of view of the camera (First Person View - FPV), allowing more precise control at greater distances from the pilot than is normally possible using remote control alone.



innovative and beautiful, aerial imagery will make your hotel shine as never seen before.


VisionVertical imagery is perfect for brochures, web pages, marketing, social media and posters. Stand out from the crowd!


Make sure that the work on the ground matches up with the plans on the paper... VisionVertical can help you at all stages of your construction project.


Our hexacopter was used in the filming of " Zona Andino Lacustre - Araucanía HD" for promoting tourism in the Araucania Region.